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The New Caramel Apple

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Over April break, I found myself with some free time on my hands and decided to bake up some delicious treats. Out of nowhere, I found myself wanting to make caramel apples. Sometimes I just want something delicious to eat, and I do not always want to put all the work into cooking it. Luckily when I searched caramel apple recipes, I found a simple, delicious and genius new way to make caramel apples that I crave from time to time!

These apples are fun to make for little kids as well. Next time I babysit I will make these sweet and tart little treats because it takes only about 10 minutes and requires only few ingredients using cooking material that is not hazardous. These can be used as an awesome pastime while babysitting!
What you need:
Caramel (use as much as it will take for however many apples you plan to fill)
Green apples(as many as desired)
How to do it:
First, cut your apples in half. Gut out the middle of them with a spoon, leaving some of the apples on the inside. After the insides have been mostly gutted, pour in caramel. Assemble on plates and set in the fridge overnight. Enjoy them in the morning!

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The New Caramel Apple